Once we collect your oil, it is filtered, cleaned, dewatered and processed to produce high-quality waste oil. Recycling prevents cooking oils from entering the waste stream and landfills. Science is discovering more uses every day!
Reclaimed cooking oil can be used for several types of fuels, as well as heating oil. We provide over 20,000 gallons of waste cooking oil to the Grand Canyon Railway annually. We will soon be producing pellets from the solids found in the waste cooking oils and grease traps.
Recycled cooking oils are an important ingredient in high protein, high-energy animal feeds and pet foods.
Cooking oil can be used in a wide range of products, from biosurfactants to soaps and therapeutic cosmetics, to products which can control algae blooms in lakes and ponds. Research is currently underway exploring ways to turn vegetable oil into on-site electrical generation and “bio-coating” for roofs that regulates temperature in hot and cold weather!

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