Converting cooking oil into bio-fuel is a great way to save energy and recycle. Many restaurants that cook things like french fries simply throw out their cooking oil which causes problems in the waste stream messing up pipes and sewers. We can recycle this. Bio-fuel is a clean resource that helps our environment. It takes waste products out of our junk yards and waste water systems, and saves the planet from excess use of petroleum products. Our locally collected cooking oils helps fuel the Grand Canyon Railway. We take used cooking oils and recycle them into bio-diesel fuels which can power trains, cars, and other typically petroleum based engines. We recycle.
At A Greener Day Recycling, we make it easy for you to be a part of the reclamation of a valuable Northern Arizona resource - cooking oil.

Used cooking oil is in demand as a key ingredient in bio-fuels, heating oil, high-energy feed supplements, and a variety of common household products. Besides the offering of a productive reuse of the original plant-based oils, recycling oil keeps it out of the waste stream, where it can create a mess and clog pipes and sewers.

We specialize in waste cooking oil collection, grease trap and interceptor pumping, and line jetting to keep your drains and pipes clean.  If you use any type of cooking oil, then you should consider our recycling services as a better way to maintain your utilities while helping the environment.


Recycling cooking oil is a win-win for
the environment, the economy, and you.

Our locally collected cooking oil helps fuel
the Grand Canyon Railway!

To schedule service, call us at (928) 567-7060.
Servicing Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Verde Valley, and most of Northern Arizona.

A Greener Day Recycling BBB Business ReviewCurrently in Northern Arizona, A Greener Day Recycling is the only full time recycling facility for grease trap and yellow grease. We pick up your waste, take it to our state of the art facility, and process it precisely and efficiently. Everything brought in is recycled into renewable resources.

We pride ourselves in knowing what we process is environmentally responsible resources that can be put back into the environment without causing ill effects.


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